How to Care for your Fryes

Whether this is your first purchase from Frye or a new addition to your collection you will want to take steps to properly care for your investment. We have made it easy and you can make it fun! Overall, taking the time to show your purchase some love can help to avoid future disasters such as stains, water damage and premature aging.

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How to use leather polish cream

Caring for Leather

Frye offers a variety of leathers from smooth to pebbled and everything in between. All leathers can be cared for using our Frye Leather Care products, ensuring longer life for footwear and accessories.

Leather should be clean and dry before any product application. Cleaning can be as simple as a quick wipe down with our Frye Cleaning Cloth, a lint-and-dust-free cloth that will not scratch your footwear or handbag.

Deeper cleaning, to remove dirt and build up, can be achieved with the Frye Leather Lotion and Cleaning Cloth. Simply wipe excess dirt off first with a damp cloth. Leather Lotion removes dirt, lifts stains and helps to nourish and revitalize tired leathers.

Once your Frye leather has been prepped, steps to protect can begin.

A simple spray treatment can help to waterproof leathers and protect against pesky stains caused from day-to-day use. The Frye Weatherproof Spray can be used on all products, including leather and suede. The eco-friendly formula creates an invisible barrier against water, oil and stains. Leathers should be waterproofed regularly for best results.

Frye Weatherproof Balm offers a more luxurious treatment that penetrates the grain and creates a barrier against water, oil and stains.

Occasionally shoes will scuff or colours can fade. This can be quickly remedied with polish. Frye offers a Black and a Neutral Cream Polish that revitalizes colour and brings back luster and shine. Polish is applied using a cleaning cloth, and buffing is best done with our Frye Horsehair Brush. The soft hair reaches into the grain of the leather and pulls out the best shine on all colours.

Caring for Suede & Nubuck

Nothing beats a beautiful luxurious suede shoe. With proper care and cleaning, suede can continue to look fresh and vibrant.

The best investment in suede care is a good Suede and Nubuck Brush -- regular gentle brushing can keep suede clean and refreshed. The Frye Brush has a unique triangle design that features different tools for all your suede care needs. Cleaning can be done quickly with the bristle brush side, gently wiping away dirt and stains. Try using a gentle flicking motion to lift dirt. Scuffs can be removed easily using the eraser side. The rubber crepe feature is great for final overall cleaning.

Suede should be waterproofed regularly to avoid damage from the elements, stains and fade prevention. Frye Waterproof Spray creates an invisible waterproof barrier that combats premature aging.

No need to fret if you ever get caught in bad weather wearing your favourite suede shoes. Contrary to some belief, cleaning them is easy. Take a clean, damp cloth and gently work over the entire surface of the shoe. Allow the shoes to dry and then use your suede brush to revive them.

When storing suede remember to keep in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight, which can quickly fade suede.

Using a suede & nubuck brush
Leather Care Kit

Things to Remember

Cleaning and waterproofing products can darken or change some leather and suede materials. Always spot check products in a small, discreet area of the shoe to ensure you can live with the results.

Distressed leathers also require special care to ensure longevity. Waterproofing is paramount as distressed leathers typically lack the final protective coating that makes new shoes glisten.

Sneakers need love, too! Invest in a suede brush. The bristles work great to clean and revitalize sneakers. Bristles clean away dirt and grime, while the eraser rubs away scuffs.

Overall pre-care is the best care. If you choose only one product it should be a waterproof spray. The invisible barrier created against the elements is your first line of defense.